Omotenashi means the Japanese way of hospitality; treating guests with a welcoming spirit, full of warmth, understanding and above all, respect. Adopting the culture itself, we are always committed to meet the needs of our guests by serving them with sincerity to create a happy and memorable dining experience.


Hidden away at the upper part of the complex, Kajin's atmosphere is much more reserved, relax and quiet. Kajin is set to be more intimate yet comfortable dining space with only 18 seats. Guests are to enjoy their dinner at the sushi counter with the accompaniment of sake and wine. The counter itselves are designed to allow interactions happens between guests and our chefs at work.


Kajin’s menu emphasises on sushi and sashimi. Using mostly fresh and quality ingredients available locally, Kajin combines both traditional Japanese and contemporary methods to create a modern Japanese dining experience. A unique flavourful menu that is unpretentious yet comforting.


Kajin provides a variety of drinks with Japanese twist consists of cocktails, fresh juices, along with premium wines and sakes to ensure the perfect dining experience.